The Rei Family


Grandfather: Akito “Ronnie” Rei (Deceased)
Grandmother: Polly A. Rei (Deceased)

Father: Hiro ‘David’ Rei
Mother: Marilyn Ootori Rei

Bryan Michael Rei
April Lynne Rei
Regina Dallas Rei
Sara Marie Rei
Ronald David Rei

Akito Rei’ came to America in the early 1930’s. He saw the best way to prove himself to his new home was to join it’s military. His quick thinking, reflexes and keen eyesight made him a natural for the cockpit. He left the states for the British Isles before America’s official involvement in World War Two, easily recognizing the threat in Europe. While there he met and married a woman from London, Polly Armstrong. Before her untimely death She and Akito had their son Hiro, who’s middle name ‘David’ is Polly’s father’s name. Akito wanted his son to have the legal option of an American sounding name. Akito was able to get in on the ground floor of the explosion that would be the commercial airline business, and made himself a tidy fortune.

Hiro would take his part of that fortune and build his own luxury transportation company, very proud that his father lived long enough to see him make a success of himself. The smiling daredevil pilot caught the eye of Marilyn Ootori and after a whirlwind courtship they were married. The family grew with the addition of five children the oldest and youngest being boys and the three in the middle were girls. The Rei’s are nearly a Philadelphia institution, always knowing the right people and seen at the right parties. April and Regina especially were fixture on the Philly nightlife for years, though even they seem to have finally settled down. Philanthropy runs deep in the family too, and they are one of the main backers of The Walnut Hill Center

The Rei Family

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