The Adventure Log, City Themes and Advancement

Normally, the characters actions effect the city during the weekly game. Scenario after scenario, session after session, making progress towards Milestones. Hell, in order to become more powerful characters, the players have to influence their city in some way. That’s why city creation was a part of character creation. This guaranteed your character was already involved in some way with the setting. However, I wanted to let you all have more say in the direction of the campaign than just waiting for the next game, spending points and leveling up. .

A lot of the build-up for the big life altering, city changing, campaign derailing, sessions can happen in downtime. A lot of build-up doesn’t involve the entire party, it involves a single character pursuing a goal. So, to that end, players should feel free to use the Adventure Log feature of Obsidian Portal and the log entries to help set up those big moments. Use the tags button with the word “Post-game” so they will be easier to find.

Following any game session in which you participate, if you (the player) write up a Adventure Log entry scene for your character (1st person, 3rd person whatever) that grants insight into your characters and/or give new ideas for places to go with the campaign. You get a prize

You should feel free to involve other NPCs (within reason). Introduce new Locations, Threats, Themes, Aspects, have some fun with it . We’re all involved in growing the campaign world. In exchange, you get a free Fate Point for the next game.

Also… for every fractional 3000 words of a writeup, +1 Fate Point. (so anything from 1-3000 is 1 FP, 3001-6000 is 2 FPs 6001-9000 is 3 FPs, 9001-12,000 is 4, etc. )

This is also an in for people who are maybe not as outspoken as others in the group, this allows you an in and allows me to know that you are engaged and playing. These post-game entries can introduce new themes, threats, characters, locations. These can in turn be used to more deeply involve your character in the events of the stories. So if you are feeling left out of the game, or that maybe your character is not being useful, the Post-game entries is the place to shine a light on your skills and abilities. More than many other games, the DFRPG lives and breathes off of player involvement!

The Adventure Log, City Themes and Advancement

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