Red Court Sleepers


Part of, for lack of a better description, a Red Court Vampire doomsday cult. Lead by a turned Conquistador who come to the Americas under Pizarro, a man blessed or cursed with Prophecy. He was a great doom on the horizon for the Red Court and put in place an order of loyal monks to seal him and his followers deep in the bowels of the fledgling major cities of the newly formed United States. One such cell rested under Philadelphia, shielded behind thick rock and deeply cut wards it waited. The monks carried on their work, stocking the store for the eventual doom, generation after generation. From time to time a Red Court Vampire would see eye to eye with them and place himself into the Tomb with the others.

Then Came The Doom. And The Doom drove a Volkswagen, that may have once been blue.

The power of the spell that wiped the Red Court from the earth in a single night, killed many of the Sleepers. Many, but not all. Those that survived, by luck, Fate or purpose could no longer be considered part of The Red Court. The weakened spell changed them, made them something new. Out of the death of one nightmare has risen another.

Red Court Sleepers

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