Were-Jaguar Gang Member


The girl who got named Wicked is a native of Philly born and raised on the cold streets. She doesn’t remember any parents just hopping from one place to another. First the foster care system then neighborhood to neighborhood. She would eventually wear out her welcome, why slow down when the party is there to dull the pain? She won’t reveal how she learned or gained her abilities just that they changed her life for the better. A Jaguar guided by a human intelligence is the ultimate spy and courier and Wicked cashed in. She was living the good life until the hunters showed up. She was on the run again until she caught wind of Lucy Wilson and tried to get some help. Wicked’s lack of social graces coupled with her rather overt sexual desires put a damper on any help Lucy might have provided.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and subsequent attempts to get help from one of the few remaining Shape-shifters in Philadelphia and her obviously powerful circle of friends were met with disaster. This slipped her back into old habits and she spent weeks moving from one party or flop house to another. She stumbled back into the gang’s life, riddled with bullets on the front porch of “Johnny” BlackDog with The Hunters hot on her heels. Other forces stepped in and took her off the gang’s hands. Her current whereabouts are unknown.



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