Rebecca Chilcoat

Head of the Walnut Hill Community Outreach Center


Graduated Valedictorian, Got an MBA, made a bunch of money and she wants to save the world. Or at least she did. She found out the world is really hard to save, and some people like it broken. In addition to the hard work and sleepless nights there were the bribes, kickbacks and payoffs. Some people will do the right thing because it’s right, the rest need “persuasion”. She came home to find her old neighborhood had fallen apart, and has since carved out a small part of it, where she can start putting it back together again.

However the people who like the world broken aren’t sitting still. Rebecca was assaulted by a member of the 33’s, who subsequently died in a confrontation with police. She has been in and out of consciousness since that time, though the doctors expected a full recovery. That was until The Breaker came to call. Attacking her in her hospital bed, the massive killer severely injured her before being driven off by police. She has yet to wake up since the attack.

Since the time of the attack, the police guard on her had been doubled but that didn’t stop The Breaker from making another attempt. However he found only an empty hospital bed a hospital gown, and her I.D bracelet. Rebecca’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

Rebecca Chilcoat

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