Jeff Wright


Jeff is a college student, avid rider, martial artist and mechanic. In his own words he is “A Pennsylvania farm boy with a couple of Black Belts and a graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. But basically a farm boy.” The “Aww Shucks” demeanor is genuine but masks a much more serious and disciplined mind than he would first have you think. Quite smart and has made comments about “going back to Med School.” Loves speed, whether dirt tracks back home or The Delaware Expressway. Had a near fatal reaction to the 33’s prank during the Community Center’s opening fair. And there’s a reason for that.

Jeff is a wizard.

Specializing in Geomancy and crafting magical equipment Jeff is a Wizard of the White Council and on top of that The Warden of Philadelphia. Circumstances and timing kept him out of the Red Court War, and as such he sees himself as more Wizard Cop than Wizard Soldier.

Well actually he sees himself as Wizard Batman, but that’s a whole other story.

Jeff has made mention that Philly used to have several more high ranking supernatural defenders, but is pretty mute on what happened to them. What is known is Jeff is trying to pick up the slack as best he can, and honestly feeling like he’s failing at it.

Recent events saw Philly’s Warden abducted and used as a key component for a dark ritual. He was rescued, and his life saved by The Holders of The Hill. However the ritual was successful, and the cost was Jeff’s magical gifts. White Council experts have discovered no remaining traces of magical ability in him. He has been sent home and will be under observation for the foreseeable future. They do not know if this condition is temporary, reversible or permanent.

Jeff Wright

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