Allen MacCloud

King of the road


MacCloud rolled into town a few years ago. A well to do business man or finance manager or something to that effect. He doesn’t live in the city, instead hanging his hat in a cozy little house that’s off the beaten track. If he’s in town he can usually be found hanging out at the Eight Ball Garage either talking about bikes, getting work done on one or simply enjoying the company of other riders. He is a patron to multiple charity organizations and won’t hesitate to try to get others to do the same. He’s a warm and likable enough man, whose cheerful Scottish brogue makes it easy to convince others to listen to their better angels. If he has a fault, it’s his eye for the ladies. Specifically ones that would be the same age as a granddaughter. While not lecherous, he has no fear or shame in approaching a young woman a third his age. And he’s usually successful.

It’s been discovered that Allen is descended from an ancient line of Lords and was one of the 32 consorts of Maeve, Lady of Winter. This has gifted him with no small bit of knowledge and a greatly increased lifespan and vitality. During his time in the Never Never he was also able to gain a few additional gifts and contacts. All that said the man apparently can’t stand the Winter or Summer courts, and spends most of his time in the company of the Fall and Spring courts. He has connections in the Wild Fay and it is rumored has joined The Hunt when it comes to town.

Allen MacCloud

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