Dresden Files - Can't go home again

Action News Update!

The City of Philadelphia can breath a small sigh of relief as the New Year begins. The Serial Killer known as The Breaker has been stopped. The killer himself was discovered by the Philadelphia Fire Department, while they were responding to a Two Alarm Blaze in the Suffolk Park area. The Fire Department said they found evidence of a Meth Lab and that the fire was started by chemicals stored in the abandoned building. The Killer was apparently caught in the blaze, and found underneath a collapsed section of the basement as rescue workers looked for survivors.

Detective Victor Magnatta, Lead Detective on the case, says they identified the killer by linking evidence from the body and fire to evidence discovered at all The Breaker’s crime scenes. He expressed disappointment that the killer escaped the law, but added he “has to deal with a higher court now”.

Unfortunately, the only survivor of the Breaker’s rampage, Philly’s own Rebecca Chilcoat, has disappeared from her room at the William J Schaffer Hospital. No evidence links her disappearance with The Breaker. The police are following all available leads. Chilcoat was the head of the Walnut Hill Community Center, and was one of the loudest voices calling for it’s renovation and reopening. The Center’s Board said they are saddened by this loss, and after appointing a new Head, will carry on the good work Rebecca had started

Mary Snow • Philadelphia Evening News Hour
December 27th, 2013



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